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All-round administration- and fiscal advice office

Adel Administration Services is an all-round administration and fiscal advice office. With our personal approach, we offer a high-quality service. Our activities are like those of an accountancy firm, but with a more customer-friendly price tag.

Our office specialises in providing services to non-Dutch speaking clients. Therefore, our employees speak both Dutch and English and we also provide our documents in English. We find it imperative that our clients understand which documents they sign and what consequences it entails, in order to make a well-informed decision.

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To ensure the quality of our services, we are a qualified member of the NOAB (Dutch Association of Accounting and Tax Experts). As a NOAB member we can, among other things, make use of the NOAB advisory board consisting of fiscal specialists, accountants, lawyers and notaries.  In addition we are a member of the tax advisory board (RB) and the VNSa (Association of Dutch Payroll Administrators) so that the service we offer is always of highest quality.
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