Hourly rates
We charge three different afforable hourly rates based on the type of service we provide. The distribution of these services is as follows:

  • administrative activities
  • compilation of annual reports and tax returns, payroll administration and other fiscal activities
  • activities fiscal professional/registered tax advisor

Declaration approach/method
Our preference is hourly invoicing. On our invoices is a specification of the activities we conducted. However, you can also choose for a fixed price agreement. Of course, with consultation on the phone or when sending an email to us, the ‘meter’ does not run immediately and an acquaintance meeting is completely free of charge.

Payment method
You can choose to spread the payment over the year. Both on hourly invoicing and with a fixed price agreement you can do an advance payment orĀ  pay a fixed amount per month. By spreading the costs over the year, there is more continuity with you as an entrepreneur and at our office.

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