Setting up, processing and checking of administrations
Financial insights are essential in order to successfully manage your business. A reliable administration provides you these insights. Moreover, administration usually constitutes the basis for the annual report and the tax returns.  The quality and reliability of the administration are therefore of great importance. We can conduct the whole financial administration for you. If you prefer to conduct the administration yourself, we can provide personal assistance concerning setting up, processing as well as checking your administration.

Online accounting
Adel Administration Services uses the newest systems concerning online accounting. These systems provide you access to your adminstration 24/7, wherever an internetconnection is available. We are looking forward to an (inter)active cooperation with you. Adel Administration Services has a partnership with Unit4 and Snelstart. Both software suppliers developed a special online accounting system for the SME’s: ‘Unit4 Multivers Online’ and ‘Snelstart Online’. Click on the login button, after which you can access your adminstration by entering an username and password.

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