Are you planning to start a business/company? Then we like to give you a helping hand. In a non-committal acquaintance meeting we think with you and provide you with the necessary information. We also support and advise you in preparing your business plan.

When starting your own business, many thing will come your way. Think of investments, business transfer, cooperation, interests care, automation, minimalising taxation, etc. We provide support for these matters and in addition we provide financial advice on mortgages, marriages and divorces. Furthermore we like to support you with contacts with banks, lawyers and notaries. Due to the expertise and permanent education of our team, we can provide you with the right fiscal/financial advice. We gladly bring forward our advice, which focusses both on the present and the future, in a personal meeting. If necessary we consult with the NOAB advisory group, in which fiscal specialists, accountants, lawyers and notaries are represented.

Subsidies are an instrument of the government to achieve its goals in terms of innovation, sustainability and the labor market. Subsidies should not be disregardedd, instead it should be turned to good account. Therefore, we like to provide you with a good application, guidance and finalization of the subsidy you are entitled to. Some examples of fiscally favorable subsidies are Research & Development tax credit (RDA), Energy Investment Allowance (EIA), Environmental Investment Rebate (MIA) and Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments (Vamil).

Cross-border advice
Many of our customers work/live abroad (Belgium, Germany, Poland etc.). Therefore, we provide the various tax returns and forms, as well as advice concerning social security and other additional matters.

We are both members of the NOAB and of the RB. Due to these memberships we are entitled to provide various declarations. Besides the NOAB composition declarations with the annual reports, we can provide the following declarations:

  • Declaration risk-bearing capital with application and renewal NIWO-license
  • Declaration risk-bearing capital with application KIWA-License
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