As an individual you might have to deal with different types of tax returns. We gladly take care of those returns, such as income tax, inheritance tax and donations tax. In addition, we can carry out various matters for you concerning applying for allowances (rent allowance, health care allowance, child-related budget and childcare allowance), mediation requests, objections and appeals, determining own contribution CAK, voluntary disclosure scheme, interest care and more. Moreover, we have the necessary expertise to provide services to indiviudals with cross-border activities. We would like to engage in a personal meeting with you, to determine in which areas we can provide you with the desired support.

Pre-completed tax return (VIA)
The most common tax return for individuals is the income tax return. In most cases a range of issues have to be taken into account, such as the owner-occupiers scheme, annuity deduction and deductions concerning partner alimony, health care costs, study expenses, gits, etc. We pay proper attention to all these issues, to ensure that all fiscal opportunities are being utilized. With a VIA, matters such as remedy and allowances are not assessed by the tax authorities, which may cause you to miss a large amount of money. The tax return made by us distinguish themselves from the regular pre-completed tax return (VIA) by optimally utilizing the fiscal opportunities and the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Financial planning
We would like to visualise your financial situation, based on your personal circumstances, and to help you plan your financial future. An important part of this is estate planning, in which cases such as marriage and estate, both in financial and fiscal issues, are dealt with. We visualise this kind of planning in a personal plan, to secure your financial future and to optimally make use of the fiscal opportunities.

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